Sunday, October 31

gonna sleep le

oh ya btw yesterday in my dad's car i heard the song 'dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui'... is someone's dedication to her friends la... i think i am gonna dedicate this song to 2D'04 some day too.. hehex

and tmr or other time when i come online.. i am gonna write abt my very own thoughts about everyone from 2D'04... so stay tune... i will write in my blog then oso copy into the friendster testimonial la... yuppp stay tune...

gonna sleep le.. tmr going shopping and chalet..

gonna dream of 2D'04 tonight...

goodnite everyone!! sweet dreammms

gonnna start cryinggg

i just read the testimonials at friendster written by 2D'04 pple...and i hate to admit but i think i am gonna start crying soon... i dun wan to leave 2D...

omg i dun wan to start crying cos i noe i might never stop.... 2D

2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D 2D

i lurveee 2D'04

friday, saturday and today- sunday

okie i didnt blog on fri cos i was reallie sad and tired... i shall start with wad happened on friday kks...

fRiDaY 29/10/04

errrr i woke up as usual... ate breakfast then changed then wear tie then went to sch by dad's car... i think i am kinda retarded cos i didnt realise it was the last day of 2D'04

then after that started telling pple to write my autograph bk then mrs lim gave out report slip...

then spring cleaning...

by then i had started taking photos and videos of 2D...

spring cleaning... is one event filled with total sadness.... it was the last event that 2D'04 will cooperate together... isnt it sadd???

then after spring cleaning.. .we took three graduation pic... of 2D la.. 2 with ms's cam then one with my digital cam...

then after that... i cant reallie rmb wad happened. i was supposed to go out with peiyu budden i cant bear to leave the classroom. i just stood there looking at the other pple then pple started crying... audz was crying reallie hard.. then i went round hugging and consoling the pple then i looked at the empty tables and chairs and my tear glands were activated and my tears flowed free and fast...

my tears were lyk the running tap.. once its on it cant stop... i noe i always cry whenever i laughh budden on friday... i noe and swear that i was reallie sadd... grace and others were reallie nice... they offered me huggs and dried my tears... this only made me cry harder... before i noe it ... i was crying reallie hard... just cry cry cry... my heart hurt i dun wan to leave... i dun wan to depart from the others..i sat on the desk and cried cried cried.. the guys were kinda making fun la... they were lyk pretending to cry.. budden they got tell us dun cry and all that... then erm kejing and wee kiat were lyk shaking my hands and wishing me all the best la.. budden i still kept crying...

then when grace amelia and mich and yanling i think started singing the 'graduation' song i started crying even harder... its lyk so sadd... i dun wan to leave!!!! ahhhhhhhhh i dun wan to leave 2D'04... i had reallie deep and true feelings for 2D'04... maybe becos i was the monitress for 2 years... and becos 2D'04 left reallie fond memories for me... its total sadnesss.... why must there come a time for pple to part why why why why why why why why why

then after that went tm with peiyu... my eyes were very swollen... oh ya nigel was lyk saying why he nv see me cry until lyk that when 6 charity'02 was going to part...

you noe why ?

cos i was naive then...

i thot that we were able to have a gathering as planned every year and we would never distant each other... i noe i was wrong... budden in my heart, 2D'04 spirit will always live.... 2D'04 all the wayy!! wheeee 2D'04 is the drive that kept me going.... now and forever... 2D'04 will forever be in my heart... and will always be as important as jay chou is to me... haha no la slightly more impt la... =)

SaTUrDay 30/10/04
went m'sia with parents... budden i was still reallie sadd kept thinking abt 2D'04 and tears welled up in my eyes

today- sunday- 31/10/04
errr went parkway just now.. then shopp then saw nigel at pizza hut budden i didnt went in la.. haha cos my dad wanna go east coast to eat dinner ... yuppp just came back from there...

tmr got chalet.... 2D'04 chalet... i am going to go lo...last year i didnt enjoy myself cos i was sick... this year i am going to spend every min with all my friends from 2D'04 i reallie regretted not going to some of the gatherings for 2D'04... hmmm sighhh its kinda late to regret... budden i still feel sadd and my heart hurts... i dunno why it just hurts....

yupp looking forward to chalet tmr...=)

-feeling sadd and heartbroken...

why must pple part?

why must there be tears?

2D'04 all the wayyyyy!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, October 25

tiredd and stressedd

heyy i've been online for lyk half an hr le budden now then blogg... stayed back in sch for sc meeting... before that ms tang and mrs koh were lyk lecturing us or sth la.. errr i didnt reallie notice abt those pple talking at the back cos i was concentrating on wad the cartoonist was talking... his drawings and his drawing speed rawks all the way lo...

then he drew the winnie the pooh and hamtaro and spider man so realistic de... i am so jealous kks... budden he is a professional la... cannot compare >.<

then after that was left with lyk 15 min. then me and pei yu went to canteen to eat. i didnt eat lunch. i just drank a cup of horlicks chocolate. i thot the sc meeting a short while only. then me and peiyu were sitting there chatting and eating la. then mrs koh came and sit with us.. then she started telling us why our classmates nv turn up for the smo games or wadever bahh...

yupp then penny and lorna came then we went to avt for the sc meeting together...

then mr kiw made an appearance... a really grand one bahh...

we were lyk talking and laughing really loudly kks..

then suddenly mr kiw came in. then the whole avt was silence... total silence.. then i think mrs ho was laughing at our reactions bahh... is mr kiw reallie that scary? errr dunno lehh.

then the president started talking. and everything seems so strict and serious. mr kiw spoke up too... he told us to choose and differeniate between guan li and lin dao... its lyk to be a follower or a leader sth lyk that...


then tmr student council duty start le.. have to wear tie yupp wish me luck...

and i reallie wanna say sth. even though i am a student councillor, i am still me kks... dun view me differently. you noe me if you are my friend. i am and will always be annabel koh kks.

yeah for one thing u cant eat in class yeah.. then you have to stopp using electronic items infront of me... okie nvm haha i am mad

so lets talk abt happier stuff bahhhh

errrr today got to noe results and stuff err i did fairly well la.. haha actually kind of deproved budden my average this time even better than previous lehhhh so cannot say totally deproved bud. aiya hard to say...

this hols i am just gonna be so the busy lo... camps, interviews..

oh yeah i got dunmanian award interview this wed... oh mannn i cant go for the farm visits ahhhhh

budden the interview cannot reschedule.. everyone got one fixed time. so oh well.. i can go on the farm visits another time. life is full of sacrifices de la... you do this you sacrifice that... thats life...

okie i am gonna print out a reallie big calendar... so that i noe when i am free to go overseas ahhhhh its lyk my whole hols is used up saddd

might not even have time for shoppping lehhhh sadddd man

i dun care

i am gonna find time for shopping... omg i dun have time for part time jobs... ahhhh

haha i never reallie intended to take up one though the idea crossed my mind la. dun think my mother will allow... now even my schedule oso dun allow... oh well i shall just do my part as a teenager and student. =) >.<

Sunday, October 24


wuha! haha


yesterday that two entries i typed actually got published har... haha

i was so fed up yesterday lo... i thot the two entries disappeared again.. sadddd

hmmm just went to mac for hot cakes and orange juice yum yumm

oh man i am having difficulty typing... cut my index finger yesterday when washing the blardi haha... so clumsy of me xP

listening to s.h.e's ta hai bu dong...

did you watch the 8pm show on channel 8 yesterday? pu wei zi ye?

linda so cute and chio lehhhh

then the two guys who did the street dance were so sehhhhh wheeeeeeeeeee

i am realli bored lo...

and i havent buy pei yu's really very belated bdae present!!!


sorry friend... and those chipping in for the present...

hmmmm let see whether i can sneak out later haha

anyway why must i sneak out arh? i am not grounded wad lame =.=!!!

oh well i am clumsy and lame.... sadddddddd

Saturday, October 23

i m a tv addict

A good movie and the world is okay!
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i fight wif a chinese fan wowww

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oh n0... birds again???

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i wan pinkk hairrrrr wahhhh lol

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nem0 n frienddds o.O

i am a mermaid lalala~

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oh man i hate this.....

i just wrote a whole lot of thing abt my day and schedule and the whole entry just went.... gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its so sh*tty kks...



i shall just rewrite the whole thing

when i am in the mood!


i am going off.

bye urghhh

i am backkk

i am finally here blogging again...

the past few days got the exam scripts backk... erm i think i did fairly well la... budden i am still a bit errr not satisfied.. cos i deproved yepp saddd dun talk abt it.

yesterday got back all the rest of the exam scripts den after sch got art club meeting...

we continued our sculpture thingy... then shifu haha helped us spray the paint?? on it...

mine is a green piggy now haha sadd har..

then after going that we slacked lyk siao cos there was reallie nothing for us to do...

then erm we went to see the cip board and signed up for one of the prog..

then we spotted this birdie.. green colour de... quite cute la. it was flying outside the library... then cannot fly out to the open lyk that lo...

i think its so the pathetic man... and its kinda restless you noe... lack of energy and stuff... it flew from this side to that side and from this window to that window...

oh pls mannn the open space is just in front and it doesnt noe how to get out...

jia min fell in love with the birdie i think. then charmaine and i wanted to go to the canteen and buy papaya for the birdie... budden mr kiw was downstairs lecturing a grp of boys.

then my hse oso got many of this type of birds de. then jia min they all urged me to call my father to come and save the bird... or rather capture it la... budden i never call wahahah.

its lyk such a sadd birdie man and its soooo the pathetic... it flew downstairs to the coconut tree or wadever outside the art club room...

we thot it was finally free but to our sadddness...

it flew to the third flooor again... oh man izzit dumb or wad lo.

dunno izzit still at the third floor la...

monday go sch and see lo...

such a pitiful birdie...

okie enuff abt it... i am kinda sick of birdies... my whole hse is practically filled with birdies. oh man wahhaha

at abt five plus mrs koh dismissed us. then after collecting our bags we went to check out the birdie again.. whoa it is still there lo. sighhh

then me and charmaine went to call our dads to fetch us.. cos we told them to come at six... pssst art club was supposed to end at six kks...

then they say they coming half an hr later.. then me and charmaine sat at the foyer and chatted lo... crapp from part time jobs to exam results blah haha

interesting content har? dun eavedropp kks...

then charmaine's dad came...

i was sitting at the foyer all alone saddd har

then jessie came and sat beside me... chatted oso... and finally my dad came!! haha

next week i am gonna have a reallie tight schedule...

monday after sch got sc meeting... sighh dunno until wad time... hopefully it wont be too long

then tuesday art club members touring the dragon kiln... then we having some hands-on oso. sound exciting..

wed - mdm lim bringing us for farm visits hmmm maybe bring money to buy veggie and stuff lol

thurs errmmm art club meeting...yeah again... four hours... its kinda long la...budden oh well

fri i dunno lehhhh maybe going library and shopping with pei yu and charmaine??? if not we go on monday lo.... cos the sc meeting might not be too long la... might not only haha...

aiya if not go out of saturday lo...

sighhh hols around the corner... but i guess this hols its gonna be kinda busy and stressed... i have got camps, cip, class chalet, pri sch class outing?


wad abt the shopping tripps which i sacrified for the sake of my brother's exams??

wahahah i am so calculating har...

okie i think i better go off le....

dunno now still got meteor garden anot worrrrr go and see hehehex byeee cya

i think life rawks!

esp when there is The Champion on weekdays at 9 pm wahahah..

I LuRve t0r0... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i lurve all the celebrities in the champion wheeeeeeeeee rawks mannn

wahahah beauty angel

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pinkk eyes nehhh cool har?

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whyy dun haf pinkk m&m de lol

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wahahaha funny sia beautiful angel wahahah

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Wednesday, October 20


yoohoo... today is wednesday!

tmr finally got sch yayy! if not i am gonna die of boredom at home... sigh my brother's end of the year exams coming then cant go out... siann man.

Stay at home watch mvp valentine until siann lehh

anyone wanna go out and watch movies??

I wanna watch white chicks.. budden dunno still got anot worr.. then princess diaries 2 coming out on nov 4.

hmmm this morning woke up then ate breakfast then here i am.


nth to do lehh

i just went to print out the calories counting thing.. heyya i am keen on losing a few pounds this coming hols okie...

And i am going to get really really tanned mann...though i have no idea how la.

These three days got intercls bud i never go... so i dun see how i can get tanned unless i go to the beach every day la.

I have been trying to eat as little as i can kks...

hmmm tmr getting back exams paper har?

die le lo... =(


anyway i have been watching mvp v. for the past two days and i think gaoxing is so sehh lo...

yeah man he is just so sehh

the way he talked is so sehh and cool u noe wheeeeeeeeee gaoxing rawks...

jay rawks too... do you know that he is really xiao shun.

he acted with his grandmother in the mv of his new song 'grandma'

sehhh bo woooohooo way to go jie lun!! haha

he is so nice to his granny and mother...

i just went to check out some past mtv shows... animated ones la...

these ones very nice :

- this one last time i intro before... its the an jing song by jay chou...then i think the story veh touching..

-this one is abt a bballer and his stead bahh... then the bballer's voice veh nice you noe..sehh sehh de. then he sang a song. then after the mv got a poem... quite nice though some of the characters i dunno how to read =)

and recently i started reading fanfics again.. wootz haha

this one quite nice

it is not by me okie... although its pinkk_ish la haha

yep check it out worrr

if you all noe any gd fanfics can tag and tell me kks? =)

natural beautyy??? yeah right man

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Sunday, October 17

whoa =)

hmmm i woke up at 930 today and did quite a number of things nehh... hehex... i am kinda bored too.. feel lyk sleeping =.= *yawn

i have kinda adopted a new hobby which is sleeping.. .whoa..

i have neber reallie lyk sleeping that much...

budden now.. hmm i wonder why

yepp i guess pple do change...

everything changes

changes are fated

budd the problem is I HATE CHANGES


dun ask me why...

do you lyk changes??


->> ((i aM gUiLtY...oF... sTh________________________

Saturday, October 16

huLaLa~ eXaMs aRe 0vEr!


end of year exams are finally over!!! yayy!

Just lyk wad audrey wrote for my latest friendster testi.. lets party wooo!!

hehex. yesterday didnt come online... and a sad thing pple i might not be coming online that often in the future... hmmmm

yayy damnn slack lor yesterday. after home econs exam my mother and father and i went to m'sia. abit sian cos had to wait for some time then go shopping.

then today woke up at 1145 can you believe it man... haha then my grandma bought vegetarian beehoon for me... i lurve it lo.. i lurve my grandma too!! =)

Then i made nova coffee for myself.. rawkS mAnn wooohooo

exams are over lalalalalala...

happy times are here lalalalala

slack slack slack slack... oh yeah i must remember to buy 5566 latest album neh!! Later going to watch mvp valentine.

and pple... there is this new show on channel 8 on 20 oct at 9pm -> the champion.


This show rawks man... g0t t0r0, yan xing shu, xiao qiao from r&b and fiona and jeannette and joey and felicia...seh bo... haha


oh ya oh ya!! still got qi yu wu!! wheeeeeeeeee

but n0 tay ping hui... eRm maybe he too busy heeeeee

woww woww life rawks now... watch tv, play games... bloggg... shoppp happy until cannot happy lehhs

rEmember to enjoy yourself pple... exams are over!! wooohoooo

(okie i admit i am kinda mad yeah... budden you must be a bit erm sth wrong if you dun feel 'high' after exams yeah???? )- no offence kks..

Thursday, October 14

whoa my ideal guy x)

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You are the most important person in his life. He
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woww cool..light fairyy lehhs wahaha

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yAy pinkk winggs wheeee

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iN a gD mo0d yeah =)

yay!! exams finally ending after tomorrow lo... yesh!! freedom and lots of time to go shopping wheeee today chinese exam very chim and i think i cham le. nvm shant talk about it. just now went to class tray to take the dunmanian award form. sighh supposed to go out with pei yu after chinese exam just now that... budden i have to be a guai kia and rush back home to complete the award report and pass to mrs lim tmr sighh sighh not that i am ever a pai kia la =P

tomorrow is home econs exam then end at 830. thats like so earlyy wahaha. then my and charmaine going shopp shopp hehex. budden 830 ishh lyk so early you noe. maybe we have early first or maybe go home and change or sth bahh. i am so excited mann finally... the day i have been waiting for ever since... exams started wahaha

hmmm i very mao du whether to upgrade to a samsung or nokia phone lehh. i mean its lyk nokia phone is easier to use bahh budden samsung phone very cute.. i cant decide. can someone pls enlighten me...

if buy samsung will buy e600c la
if buy nokia will buy ermmm i dunno oso i think nokia 3220 that phone quite cool

budden erm sighh sighh at most if cant decide dun upgrade lo. save money lehhs haha

i have a longgg list of thingg to do after tmr. gonna copy down all the phone numbers in my hp on a piece of paper. in case i change hp then some of the numbers gone then i will be so sadd u noe. lol

and i have many missions too.... gonna buy bday presents for my dearr friendss
oh ya oso must let them write autograph bk.

ohya!! i wanna buy 5566's new album... so nice lo. budden i scared wait they release second edition one even nicer haha i am soooo gladd i didnt buy the westside story soundtrack for the sake of cun zai that song... cos their new album has that song!! yeah!

woww woww still got one more exam to go and i am already planning my 'time' since when am i ever so organizeddd har? hehex later i am gonna sleep for 3 hours before rushing my report then finally i shall study home econs.

yupp yupp

i am so excited... hols are coming yay! oh ya then got student council camp hmmm

Monday, October 11

yoy0s i am bored

decided to blog since i did a quiz just now. i am lyk supposed to be studying maths lo budden maths is so boring. i dun mean that i dun lyk maths kks.. i lurve maths to bites and pieces. i practically live my life for maths (haha now thats a bit exaggerating la) hmmm let me talk abt my day bah

today wake up went to sch. then settle down... not beside clara la. okie then lit exam. 3 sections. when i saw the unseen prose my mind was totally blank. i decided to skip it then do the mov one first... the mov one still not that bad la but that does not mean i will do well kks hehe. then i do animal farm then left lyk half an hour then i do the unseen prose... well its abt a dog named buck and his meeting with a wolf. boring har? but still its an exam so have to take it seriously. i exceeded five min for both section 2 and 3. thats why have lesser time for section 1. budden section one dun even have much to write abt lo.

yup then the invigilator dismissed us after collecting the papers lo. can you believe it man i wrote lyk 8 sheets of paper if i didnt rmb wrongly lo. i couldnt even believe it lo and i think all that i wrote was crapp, simply crapp then erm took my bag and went to foyer. saw meng shuen's mother, greeted her. then ms and his mother went off. then i sat at the benches at wait for my dad. i told him to come at ten though the exam ended at 945 cos if not he have to wait for me. my dad is not really patient and i take after him... haha

then leanne walked out with charmaine and jia min then i moved aside and made some space for leanne to sit. leanne's foot still in cast. looking forward to her removing the cast then we can go shopp shopp together lo... yay haha

then went home my mother asked me to swop sim cards for the handphones lo. cos some of the handphones in my house are really the lousy man then as i was fixing the hp stuff i was telling my mother that i shld really go and work in a hp shop during the hols. haha

i dun think she said anything la. budden i dun think she will be happy if i go out to work. haha she say must wait o level finish then i can work as long as i wan. budden the prob is i am not taking o level lo. on the other hand, my grandma strongly maybe not that strongly la encourage me to work... budden more of giving tuition la. haha maybe i shld leh... hehex. working means having more money. having more money means able to buy more of my favourite things lo. saw a pink sling bag and a pinkk slippers at an adidas shop veh pinkkkish lo. and i lurve it. then my dad was lyk determined to buy a pair of sports shoes for me. maybe he is reminding me to go and exercise more and burn more fats and calories bah wahahah budden still the same words, everything must wait until afte the exams which is this friday.

okie gtgg... my brother wants to play the com. byebyeee

oh yeah i have already bought a pinkk winnie the po0h autograph bk for my dearest classmates in 2D to write le... especially those who are leaving or not going to thru train with me de =)

-looking forward to end of exams and spending more time with my family and friends!

wow yeah-loh =)

yellow aura
Your aura shines Yellow!

What Color Is Your Aura?
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Friday, October 8

yay! finally have time to blogg =)

yoy0s peeps.. hehex i finally have time to on the computer and blogg le!! wow i just returned from sch. had my geog exam... hmmm pray hard that i can do well lo. at least my mapwork kinda improved la cos i am able to identify pulau ubin.

erm then yesterday is higher chinese paper one... hmmm i chose the ques on healthy lifestyle then wrote a whole lot of crap which i can roughly remember from those slimming down maggs and books which i read. yep yep

my life nowadays is not that bad la.. budden kinda stressed... well exams wad rite.. hmmm five more exams to go. i am reallie reallie looking forward to the end of exams then i can concentrate on my slimming down proposal =P go shopping and buy stuff lyk mad and go east coast to cycle.. wheeee hmm then go student council camp then got 2D chalet.. budden chalet lyk nobody wanna go with me leh then i go there sure veh extra de.. nvm see first bah.

yesterday, the day before yesterday and today and many other days... i kept having red eyes lo.. wads the problem man.. alright my eyes are sensitive and dry la budden i think i look reallie ugly and tired with the red eyes... not that i have ever been pretty la budden sigh forget it.

oh yeah then after my exams next friday i can start looking out for hp advertisements cos my plan is over liao!! yeah.. i was thinking of buying samsung e600c. its reallie you noe cool and cute haha.. small small de budden hor dunno leh there are still some drawbacks bah.. maybe will get a nokia one instead see first bah..

next monday is literature exam. oh man i think i am going to die. mov and animal farm and unseen prose ahhhhh stress. i think literature is gonna be the most difficult right after geog wahahah. aiya just jia you bah.

oh ya i wanna thank someone for helping me alot with geog. if i ever do well, its all her gong lao: pEi yU! thank you very much for your help and encouragement!! xie xie ni! i hope i dun disappoint you kks... she very pro in geog de lo. hmmm she helped me alot in mapwork kks. she is grt lo! =)

hmmm erm wad else do i wanna say leh. aiya i am just so looking forward to the end of exams. then can slack lyk dunno wad. i wanna play vball and badminton! hehex then dec i wanna go sunway lagoon and genting highlands in m'sia.. then go escape themepark provided that there is someone to go with me cos everyone thinks that escape is so sian. then erm hopefully there is a class gathering for 6 charity'02. yuxin organizing... at least i think he is much much! more responsible than that dumb dumb nigel who is always tui xie zhe ren! wahahah budden even if gathering 6 ch is not as close and united as before le. budden i did try to bind us together budden to no avail and i am giving up. no point ritE?

budden cannot forget the wonderful times we spent together in gmps and the end of the year chalet la. and esp the new premises at tanjong katong there. flooding drains when rain, warm temperature, dragonflies, saga seeds, the big classrooms, the canteen the hall...the fans that look like they are gonna drop anytime, theb buzzy bees everything things change people change but memories always stay the same yeah?

if only we cld hui dao guo qu. hehex impossible mission la.

i rmb that there is this one particular day when the hall was filled with dead big bees. i was prefect on duty then i hafta sweep la.. then i kept screaming and screaming. its sho damn disgusting kks... can you imagine.. dead bees...

aiya now move back to geyland premises le. i see gmps buildings everyday budden the feeling of belonging to these buildings are not there you noe. cos we only get our psle results in the new premise. as for the tanjong katong premise, whenever i pass by there in bus or cars i will take a good look at the place where i once spent with my friends and teachers and juniors. its a place that i will never ever forget.

2D is not bad you noe... i mean i didnt reallie lyk secondary sch life last year. budden this year is lyk the class has grown closer together and i did put myself in a situation where everyone is departing. pple going to other sch's ip, pple staying in mainstream, pple going to dhp. and i realised that i am going to be realli sad. yes... although i might not be a popular or enthu character in class, i noe i will miss 2D yepp. and i think that this year is the most memorable year cos of the level camp. we went to the camp together, we 'suffered' together, we help each other thru obstacles and we unit as one... hehe

talking abt level camp.. i reallie miss camp.hehex esp aries-anthrax. i miss the chicken dance and the hokey pokey and the chiku cha. i miss the instructors and i reallie miss the high elements. everything abt camp rawks. dunno whether dhp next year got level camp oso anot cos we always have immensions. sigh sigh.

okie i shall be optimistic. >>looking forward to end of exams wheeee

Sunday, October 3

my new add

yoy0s pple... i change the url of my blog... now is

if you go to, my blog is still there budden it doesnt have the latest update yupp kks take note of the change yeah? =)


yoy0s... today is a sunday!! well this morning woke up then couldnt find my hp..then finally found it on my bed wahaha then erm ate breakfast then watch tv.. now doing maths hw half way came online to slack... wahaha later studying abit geog bah...yesterday pei yu came to my house to do art...

i think we did a fantastic job kks... we spent like two hours.. then my grandma cooked curry then treated peiyu lo... then after lunch, we surf the net a while den pei yu went home... wanna give her a ride de budden she insisted on taking mrt.. okie then.

after that i bathe then my dad, mum and bro went to suntec. my dad and bro go gym... wahaha i still wanna laugh at the idea of my brother going gym.. its lyk omg okie shall not make fun of him anymore.

then my mother and i went shop shop. first stop was b.u.m shop. i wanted to go in to see got sell wallet anot de. then a pink bermudas caught my eyes... i tried and it looked quite nice... budden its ex la. haha bud i still bought it. then my mother buy a smooth feeling brown bermudas... then got a free gift..a bag quite nice de... then we went to the wallet shop opposite and there is this reallie sweeet purple wallet. didnt buy it cos its not pinkk wahahha i want roxy one... nice nice de haha saw another wallet nice nice de.. wanted to buy for someone's bdae de budden i dunno she will lyk it anot so better go home and consider first. yupp gonna give her surprise sho shant name her here kks.

then we went to precious moments or sth lyk hallmark... saw a pinkk notebk wanted to buy budden decided not too... haha then bought auntie anne then went inside carrefour and bought a box of greentea.. yupp then went to gym and wait for dad and bro then we headed to my grandparents hse.

reached there saw my little cousin... wow she looks reallie cute you noe.. cos she was wearing a pinkk spagetti strap tee and a pinkk track pants... haha totally pinkk oh i lurve her lo!! yupp then had dinner... tried to eat as little as possible cos it was kinda later then. yupp then watched channel u streetwise that show. i lurve bryan wong lo... and i support his team cos pinkkk haha. yupp then that girl in bryan's team oso kinda chio. wheee

i dunno why i am sho crazy over pinkk nowadays...

i mean its lyk this world is filled with sho many colours and if i everything oso pinkk pinkk then wont it be veh not meaningful... haha i lyk many other colours lyk blue, orange, green, black budden pinkk still rawks la =) x)

yupp yupp hehex...just played badminton in the living room with my brother... not fun de. kept hitting the ceiling.. lalaal gonna rain.. cant go downstairs and play lo... sad sad lol evill har

i think badminton kinda rox too... hehex i want a new badminton racket leh... my old one ish sho childish lo. forget it... i am not reallie into sports la.. its gonna be a waste of money. i bought the volleyball veh long neber play le... cos no one play with me sad sad

hmmm i think i better go and do my work liao... slack quite a lot this weekend...

next thurs and fri and the whole of next next wk exams!! ahhhhh

stressed man.

oh ya the wallet that i just bought hor i am not using yet hehex.. i put it together with the pinkk pencil case that i bought at taka last mth or the previous mth... yupp the pencil case is covered with hearts and is pinkk in colour- duhhhh then is elle de... quite nice worrr hehex maybe next time then use la

kks i admit

i aM crAzy oVer pInkk
I cAnT heLp iT La...

ooops i heard my mother saying that later going parkway

omg havent start mugging then going shopping le.. hahax

omg omg

wish me all the best kks... hard for your exams.. gambatte!! jia you =)

Friday, October 1

wL wL wL wL wL wL wL wL wL
this is the third time i am typing this entry okie
i am trying to be in a good mood but wL my entry just disappear
relax bel relax...

okie today is children's day
is the new day of a new month
i just had my eng eoy exam
and will be getting my allowance wahahha

then since today is children's day i want to wish some particular kiddies happy children's day:

my brother - jovian
my brother's classmates, friends and playmates
my two younger cousins - xin hui and kai ting

clara's brothers
charmaine's brothers
yanling's brother
dianne's brother
peiyu's siblings
su yee's sister
grace's sister
leanne's brother
nicholas' sister- nicholette
zhiyang's sister- crystal
mrs tok's sons
mrs soh's son and daughter - though her daughter only a baby
mrs chia's twins daughter and son
mrs koh's daughter- though she always dao me wahahah

still got who...

oh ya normen's sister- shanice- played 'cooking' with her - she very cute and princessy haha yupp she likes pink!! her eng superb de lo

still got my unborn baby cousin... hehex looking forward to seeing her next jan

aiya all and in all i wish all the kiddies happy children's day la...

omg i forgot a very impt boy in my life....

dun think other wise la =.=

i am referring to that little boy called joe joe who acted in the channel 8 nine o'clock show...

he is sho cute
sho shuai
sho seh
sho intelligent
eyes sho big
simply wonderful
simply lovely

i love him very much leh hehehe

he is the most handsome little guy i have ever seen. when grow up sure become da shuai ge de....

oh ya still got the 4 children who acted in baby boom... now monday to friday 530-630 channel 8

i like that si bao most leh.... last time she acted as pei pei in one of the shows... she very chio and cute worrr i love her too hehex

kiddies, treasure and enjoy yourself as a kid cos when you are 'promoted' to a teenager you will realise the cruelty of youth and start to miss the days as a will xiang hui dao guo qu which is impossible. you will no longer receive any children's day present and have children's day holiday. you wld be mugging for your exams le... wahahax

last but not the least, i want to wish myself and all the people i noe a happy children's day. you might not be a child now... but at least you once were rite?

btw i am still a child at heart kks... haha i still noe how to play with barbie dolls and i even have experience 'cooking' wahahah dun believE? ask shanice or my cousins la... wahahha

okie okie i should stop my crapp le.

i still wanna write more about my day... budden hor do you think its dangerous to write such a long entry and wait it disappear... haha i think i publish this one first then write on a fresh entry =) smiLe