Tuesday, October 31

CSC Schedule 2007

whee finally completed it. I spent the whole morning plus early noon gathering information. Phew finally. I'm so happy, I'm so glad.

I came across this quote during my research just now : 'Procrastination is cancer'. Yep how true. Procrastination is deadly lor. Makes you waste your life away. If not for the deadline I might have procrastinated doing the schedule. bummer. I must change this bad habit of mine.

Other bad habits I have to change:

being late and rarely on time
bad time management
tend to sleep late and wake up late
compulsive eating when stressed
spending more than necessary

wahaha bad bad bad. So many bad habits. As for the last bad habit hor, it's kinda impossible to change it. Cos I am a gemini and apparently geminis love to gossip. wahaha too bad. Horoscopes rule.

I have been online since morning. Should get going. Ohya watched Jay Chou's MV making tv prog jus now. Not bad but they didnt show the making of the mv for Tui Hou. Jay Chou rocks. Talented singer, songwriter, director, actor. ALL ROUNDER. whee he rocks.

I hope that Ms Tan wont find too many faults with the csc schedule i drew up =S I put in my best efforts already.

Going for yoga class later with Yuhan and Qian Bing. and there's animal shelter cip tmr. hohoho. I am the i/c tomorrow. And I dont know where the bus will be. where the animal shelter is. And eeps. I havent done the attendance list for tomorrow. UH OH. Alright say no to procrastination. I am going to get it done NOW.

before i go, I just want to say. I feel like going to watch the documentary -An Inconvenient Truth. No doubt it's educational. I am just scared that it might put me to sleep... I hope not. Shall go catch it next week la. Wed to fri is packed with the cip le. Weekend... hmmm nah too expensive. I must save money leh.


every effort counts (:

Monday, October 30

Movie 'Marathon' at Yuhan's house

woohoo I love Yuhan's house. Homely and comfy with splendid scenery. I want to live in a house like that too (: yea we had a hard time deciding to go for movie or kbox at the foyer and finally decided to go Yuhan's house for a movie marathon.

It wasnt exactly a marathon cos we cant fast-forward the movies or anything but we managed to chiong two movies in one afternoon. Daisy, which made us tear and Eileen laughed. She was laughing at us when our tears rolled down our face. EVIL. It was so touching k. Daisy symbolises hidden love. Daisy is my birthday flower and it symbolises purity whee I love daisies. Anyway you know that gerberas are american daisies (:

Second movie, Helen the Baby Fox. Touching and inspirational film but I didnt have any particular overwhelming emotions. Maybe cos I was busy indulging in titbits and not paying much attention to the film.

Both movies rock. Then before we left, Yuhan showed us this MV she found and one done by herself. Yep impressive. Yuhan has potential to be the next 'Royston Tan' (: whee. I will support her.

Anyway I am dying to go to the cinema and catch a movie or two but dammit there's no nice movie currently. Hm let me check when the nicer movies will be showing...


whee finally. But it's still 3 days away. Ohya we were given our subject combination option forms today. And the list given does not have the combi that I wanted initially which is

csc maths e.lit chem

I know it's a weird combi. Neither arts nor sciences. But hor what matters is I like ma. And now I have to review my combi options. Can make special request but I doubt they will grant it. So currently I am thinking, its either I pick up bio and drop e.lit or drop chem and go into the arts stream. grr.

I wonder why I am so reluctant to give up sciences. maybe cos i like them? Or rather I am jus scared that I need them for my future career, in case my interest rekindles after jc years which is most probably impossible but still there's a possibility crap.

I want to have a good night sleep. I don't want to feel troubled over this whole issue, unnecessarily. The most important thing I feel, is to follow my heart and do what I like.

Tomorrow's gonna be a pretty slack day at home. I have to work on my csc schedule 2007. Ah stressed. I am not exactly good at planning ahead. And planning ahead for the club is a big responsibility. Shall just do my best. There's yoga tomorrow night. Whee excited. Erika's gonna leave for training soon and her son will take over the lessons.

Yunyin sent me the soundtrack from Daisy. It's melancholic, melodious. I like it! If you havent catch the movie, you should. Buy the vcds or whatever. Just watch it! Cos it rocks. I realise that classical music is niceee too. Soothing and calming.

i need to go on a diet, badly. It's either my weighing machine is spoilt already, otherwise I am going to spoil it soon, if i dont go on a diet.

i pass day by day painting love.

Tuesday, October 24

I am Lucky Number 7

Annabel, your lucky number is number Seven

Hello, you enthusiastic thing. Well, Number 7, whether dining at the latest five-star restaurant, browsing a bazaar, or hitting the opening night of the latest hot spot, your lust for life is contagious. Like the lucky number itself, friends and strangers alike count themselves fortunate to have met you because you're a walking carnival. Whether it's a four-alarm dance party or a night out with friends, the fun cup runneth over and getteth all over everyone. Your ache for excitement can take you from the slopes of Switzerland to the coral of Cozumel (though you might pass up a free trip to either of these spots to throw darts at a map and do your own exploring). It's tough to keep up with the Enthusiast. Especially since words like "commitment" and "intimacy" are like garlic to your vampire-style of partying. You're all about diversion. Just be sure your high-test lifestyle isn't producing a smoke screen to cover deeper issues in your life. If you can keep your appetites in check and learn to contemplate life instead of consume it, your journey will be much more fulfilling. Developing discipline may be hardest for Number 7s, but the reward will be some of the best songs, plays, performances, books, and comedy routines ever produced. Want proof, you have to look no further than fellow lucky 7 stars, Madonna, Liz Taylor, and Robin Williams.

waha! walking carnival? Yea true. I hate commitments.

Tarot Reading for today

Love: The Pope
Touchstone: The Hermit
Career: The Emperor

?Solitude? could so easily be the keyword in your private life today, Annabel. Under the influence of the Hermit and the Pope, you have a tendency today to contemplate your navel ? Not that you are unkind, on the contrary. These two cards radiate much kindness and sympathy, but you?re focusing too much on your own doubts and uncertainties. You have a strong urge to isolate yourself and to make peace with yourself, and the rest of the world might find this difficult to comprehend. At work, today is marked by a need to take stock of your position. The association of the Hermit and the Emperor suggests that you should take a little step back to establish your strategy for reinforcing your position and to plan better for the future. With perception and impartiality, your battle plans for your career would do credit to Napoleon. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Those italic words are quite true for me. I was in deep thoughts throughout the whole of Semakau tour. The tour rocks. Especially the intertidal walk. Yea basically it's getting to know more about Pulau Semakau, our local landfill area. The different procedures involved in handling the garbage.

The intertidal walk was interesting in a way that we get to know more about the marine creatures, the diverse species present and their different ways of camouflage and survival. It's amazing to see them and being able to touch them. Especially that gigantic sea star. Yea starfish rocks. The octopus were pretty amazing too... And the noble volutes.

Yea it was a really fun tour. And it's not every day that we get to see such stuff la. Enjoyed myself but the walk was pretty tiring. And the ferry journey was dizzy... The engine got clogged halfway when we were on the way to Pulau Semakau. See la irresponsible people, pollute the sea.

It would have been more fun if more people went and if I wasnt in such a solitude mood.

Hmmm I really feel like learning hip hop dancing now leh. Aiya but I scared I dont have time. I also want to volunteer at some local VWOs. So many things to do yet so little time. HCL O's is approaching really soon. Oh man. My chinese's getting lousier and lousier as the days go by. Help.

POH will be having dinner with our mentors and Chip tomorrow night. Ah I need cash. Kinda broke now.

Hmm my life seems pretty good now. And my horoscope readings on's really cheating my feelings. It's going on and on about my romances. crap. nah. no thanks. I would be a fool to believe it honestly.

lalala. I am so tired. Shall go sleep once my hair is dried. Hope that my solitude aka antisocial mood cum attitude disappear tomorrow. And perk your ears up during flag raising to listen to the announcement regarding POH (:

Monday, October 23

Gathering at YQ's hse on Saturday

Wen Jian reminded me to blog about this cos I really forgot about it. Well, it was another fun day at YQ's house. She's really very very nice to invite us to her house again. Whee this time juehui and shumin didnt go. But yunyin and yi ling went with me. Was really high and sang alot of songs! F-U-N.

We pooled too and boohoo my skills deproved. Kept missing then granting the opponents free balls. Sad la, esp for my partner waha.

Sang alot of Jay Chou's songs. Whee high~! Then stupid jun ming ruined everyone's singing and of cos polluted YQ's microphone.

We brought some snacks along too and lunch was pizza. Whee.

Basically it's a fun day out and we went home only in the evening. Ohya before I forget, Wen Jian sang very well wahaha! I know he is reading this >< But really true la, he didnt go offkey this time, like how he did when we went kbox tgt. Darren's singing not bad too. YQ still had sore throat but sang quite well too. And Yunyin can sing Rainie's songs really well!!! Haha exact cutie voice.

Yea. Pooling is fun. Gonna practise loads and loads. Yea! I think even Yunyin and Yiling better than me leh. Sad la. Never mind. I'll learn from them. Alright that's about it.

Whee love 4J class gatherings so much. Though not everyone's present but as least part of the class were there. I am SO looking forward to our class chalet... EXCITED (:

Untrue Daily Horoscopes

Aw. Grr. My 'Daily Horoscope' these days are so freakingly untrue. Sian. What romance possibilities. Crap. Not that I want it anyway. I am only 16 =D

Ok next, we had a talk after flag raising today regarding CSC as yr5 subject. and whoa I am so attracted by it. waha. Gonna take it as one of my H2 subject units. Let's see... basically I am thinking of taking 4H2 and 1 H1 next year. But I am quite doubtful about my ability to cope. Yea inferiority strikes. Anyway yea the 4 H2 will be Maths, Chemistry, E. Lit and CSC (China Studies) and Physics as H1. I wanted to take Physics as H2 initially but well I think I cant exactly cope. and I am not good at it. I am just taking it at an interest basis. Just hope that I wont get myself into trouble by making this decision.

Will not be taking Economics at all. I dont intend to go into that field in the future. Or at least I dont foresee myself entering that career field la. I cant stand analysing graphs and all. Yea it's just my problem.

There was this talk on PSC Scholarships after school. It's pretty interesting and managed to capture my attention the whole time. During the buffet time, the few of us went to question the lady about the scholarships. I have never really thought of getting any scholarships to aid me financially but today I suddenly have a change of mind. waha if the govt wants to award me the scholarship, why not. I can clear my parents of a financial burden. And furthermore there's scholarships catering to my interest areas, like teaching and social services. So yea why not? It's just the bonds that's making me hesitant perhaps.

I didnt bother to consider scholarships at first due to the bonds. I hate being tied down. I like to be free. But since I am going to go into that career sooner or later, why not just try for the scholarship lor. seriously la. Though I can only be free of the bond when I am like 28 years old? And I need to earn enough money to survive and also have extra cash to open a bridal boutique (to shumin: NOT BOUQUET (: ) with my sistas. I want to go around the world too. Places like Italy, Gold Coast, Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong. Haha yea the old 'me' would think of going to these places on my honeymoon. But now I have changed. Romances or whatever, let it come, let it go I dont give it a damn (: Dont have or never go on honeymoons then go with my parents, my sistas or alone lor.

Yep yep. Hopefully I have enough money to get a car of my choice. Before that I must learn to drive of cos. Then maybe I'll get a condo? Then get a cocker spaniel/ west highland terrier as my pet. Yea it's not a must to live alone la. I dont like to be alone.

Oh yea I am having second thoughts about being a teacher. I was asking this stupid question just now about getting a teaching scholarship then teach in a primary school. LOL i mean most scholars will most likely teach in prestigious secondary schools or junior colleges. Ha why primary schools? I don't know. I prefer to groom the students when they are young. Instill in them the right moral values so that they will not go the wrong way as they grow up. Yep that's my logic bah.

But come to think about it, being a teacher means routine job. Teaching and marking. I can't stand routines honestly. I need variety. Geminis' motto in life is 'Variety is the spice of life'. The only thing that perhaps will motivate me to continue teaching would be to see my students excelling in their studies and personal development. I will never forget my primary school teachers from gmps. How they showered me with care and concern. The smiles on their faces when they knew that we had done well in our studies. Yea it's like moulding the future of the younger generations and this is part of making a difference.

Well I dont know. I don't have to decide till maybe two years later? Jus hope that it wont be too late then. I hate to do things that I regret. But sometimes it's unavoidable. yep yep. I felt really motivated by all the talks today. Studies shall be my top priority from today onwards. Of cos in line with 3 F's, that is Fun, Friends and Family.

Hmm just now Mr Chua delivered the POH notebooks to my school then we had lunch together. He seemed pretty amazed by the long queues and all cos he wanted to get a drink but decided not to after seeing the long queues. Eh sad lunch breaks for us. waha.

Then after the PSC Scholarship talk, Eileen, Juehui, Yunyin, Yiling and I went to the art room to pack the notebooks for distribution on Wed. Thanks girls. You girls rock! Muacks*

Ohya. Another funny thing today is I translated a Mandarin quote from June into Hokkien. And ohman it sounds so disgusting. But it really cracked us up. If you are interested, please let me know. I would be most interested to narrate it to you.

And the animal shelter CIP, both Ms Tan and I were amazed by the overwhelming responses from the 4 dhp classes. Then Ms Tan was like 'wah dhp people all love animals de arh'. haha yep yep. We are kind-hearted neh!

I seriously hope that I dont freak out when I see the canines and felines. And hope that they are nice and patient with me too. hee. I bet they are gonna to be oh-so-cute that I will feel so tempted to give them a big hug, if that's allowed. waha.

love is but an embellishment of life; friends are a necessity - cos I can't live without them ^^

Friday, October 20

My Daily Tarot Reading

Love: The Moon
Touchstone: The Star
Career: The Judgement

-->Today you'll be surrounded by warmth, affection and calm. The association of the Star and the Moon is offering you a clear sky in which your feelings can sparkle like stars in the firmament. Love is on the cards, and friendship too, and new encounters will bring you great fulfillment, dear Annabel. Use this happy day to regain confidence in yourself and your charms. You?re finding your work really fulfilling, and you enjoy many moments of satisfaction and opportunities to develop. Under the auspices of the fruitful union of Judgment and the Star, you?re brimming with positive energy and you?re able to channel it directly into promising projects. You?re certainly prepared to put in all your effort and creativity to achieve your objectives. Keep up the good work; it?ll pay off.

so damn true (: I'm loving it!

UN Mock Conference

wheeee my team representing North Korea won the 'Best Position Paper' award. WHOA. I couldnt believe it. I wasnt really listening during the prize- giving ceremony. And when 'North Korea' was announced, I thought it was for Jue Hui's costumes. I have never expected us to win the 'Best Position Paper'. The presentation was scary. But I was pretty excited before it.

A few people to thank for today:

Mrs Tan Bee Kee, for lending us her Korean hanbok, which is really expensive and beautiful.

Ms Devi, for her guidance on our UN Mock Position Paper.

Eugene, Colin and Li Hui for lending us their ties.

4J and Mdm Nora, for your support and words of encouragement during the conference.

And last but not the least, my fellow team members, Jue Hui, Yi Ling and Shu Min who are also my haojiemeis (: Thanks loads and all our hard work has indeed paid off. All the late nights spent and fear encountered were worth it =D I am so glad we went through it together. We're never alone, cos we are one. WHEE. CONGRATS.

And also all the audience cum delegates plus teachers present at the conference.

Thanks to all.

I still dont understand how come we managed to get the award. And I think Eddy looks really chio in his Korean hanbok. LOL. Nice one. It was predictable that he will get the 'Best-Dressed Delegate' award. Ying Qing looked really pretty in her costume too. Amelia looked really sweet and adorable. Jue Hui looked pretty and mature. And Jess and Hong Yi looked like a pair of couple. waha. Eileen was seh! (:

After that, I went to Suntec with Yun Yin and Yi Ling. It had been a fun day. With lotsa funny and embarrassing things taking place, all the static touches, all the hunting for autograph books, and all the 'cookie' talk. hee. Ohya not to forget the 1-litre-carton-apple-juice-sharing. Totally FUNTASTIC AND FABULOUS. We actually chatted more than what we did at Sakae the last time. I think it's because that day was the last day of EOYs, and our energy were all drained out, not to forget our brain juices.

I forgot to tell my mom that I was going out just now and I reached home at 7pm plus. and she thought I went for yoga. waha. I am in such a good good mood today and nothing can piss me off. Will be going to YQ's house tmr. Ah and I am going to start on my autograph book later. Kinda worried that there may not be enough time for everyone from 4J to finish writing but it's ok.

I am wondering if I should go to my grandparents' house tmr. Feel like having some time to myself by staying at home, finishing Pei Yu's belated bday gift and watch the dvds Li Wen lent me. But my horoscope reading for tomorrow seems pretty good for partying out.

Your horoscope forSaturday, October 21, 2006
It's almost a sure thing that you'll have a big smile on your face today. Your social life is aligning in a way that will help you meet friends and find adventure wherever you go. Look for messages in the afternoon, and a last-minute change of plans that lets your Saturday night morph from fun to fabulous. A blind date or chance meeting could change everything about your love life.

But the one on's kinda contradictory to the above. Shan't post it here. I chose to believe in the above. waha (:

Yun Yin told me that sometimes she felt like changing my wardrobe for me, cos I always wear clothes of the same style. waha. Yea I agree. A lot of people have been commenting on my dressing. I also think that it's time for me to try some new styles. ohwell. But I am someone who would rather spend money on watching movies and buying accessories than on buying clothes. Oh my someone please enlighten me.

And it's really demoralizing to shop around without money. I didnt buy anything today cos I was broke after eating lunch, with only a few cents left in my wallet. I still owe Yi Ling's money for the apple juice. And bad news. I was so thirsty just now that I felt dehydrated, which means my body is filled with toxins and I can't burn calories efficiently oh no.

does telepathy really exist? I feel so tempted to believe.

Thursday, October 19

My Emotional IQ

Did some quizes on web.tickle. Doing quizes never fail to make me feel better. whee. Feeling so much better. Alot of people have been asking me why I am so emo these days. Well actually if i know, I won't be posting emo posts. Hee. Moodswings la. My haojiemeis understand (:

I did a quiz on the horoscope I truly belong to and it turns out that I am supposed to be an Aquarius wahaha. Another air sign. I dont mind. So now I am aqua-gem ;)

And I got an emotional IQ of 121. Nice number har? And my test results show that my strongest suit is empathy which is my ability to see things from someone else's point of view =D

There's UN Mock Conf. Presentation tomorrow. Scared scared. Alright better go le. bye~!

What Refreshes Me?

Annabel, A Thoughtful Gesture refreshes you

A thoughtful and caring person like you probably devotes a lot of yourself to your loved ones. On the flip side of all that love and care, though, is the fact that you might neglect a very special person ? you. So when it's time to recharge, the things that others give you will revitalize you the most.A peck on the cheek, a cute email, a kind note, a nice compliment. These are the sorts of things that will give you a loving lift. A sweetie like you will appreciate even more than most hearing how important you are to someone else. And they'll be glad to tell you.

Death Note

Whoa I just edited the column on the right hand side of my blog if you have noticed. I included this 'Her thoughts' section. Eh it's gonna be some really emotional stuff. so please just leave it if you can't stand emo-ness ><

Went PS just now with Jess and Li Wen to watch Death Note. Nice movie. We caught the one at 3.10pm. Waha we got the tickets at around 3.10pm and the seats were pretty good lor (: The movie only started at around 3.30pm. Blah too much advertisements. I bought nachos. The two of them shared popcorn combo I think. Eeks bad news. I realised that I prefer popcorns to nachos now. I don't know. The nachos sold there don't really suit my tastebud. Too bad.

Glancing at my movie list, I realised that I have already watched most of the watchable movies that are showing currently. There are quite alot of M18 and R21 movies which I obviously cannot watch. Whee. So glad that my movie marathon's getting on pretty well but the bad news is that I am very broke now. Sheesh.

Death Note is really a fantastic fantasy thriller. I was so awake during the whole movie. The 'L' character's not exactly handsome. Just cute and he eats alot. I don't like the ending leh. Cos it is to be continued by the Part 2 which only comes out this Dec. Hm hm. I am really looking forward to all the upcoming movies... especially Happy Feet, Flushed Away and Opening Season. I just like animated movies so much (:

We had our closure for the year today. Dammit. Tears flowed free and fast. I hate it. I hate the feeling of tears rolling down my cheeks. Salty tears. The last time I tasted it was perhaps when watching WTC. Well I had alot to say just now but I only said part of what I wanted to. And there's this portion which I am too egotistical to say. I may regret it. I may not.

Has been having some heart-to-heart talks with my haojiemeis yesterday and today. I am still confused. There are some things no one including me can understand. There are some things that ordinary beings like me cannot decide. And I'd rather not think about it, seriously. Some things are better left unsaid. Really. Really. If we are fated, we will definitely meet again, where the rainbows end.

I just realised just now that I may not have enough time to get everyone from 4J to write in my autograph book leh. Ah must start letting my peers write tomorrow le. These weekend I would most probably stay at home to finish my belated birthday gift for peiyu and maybe make something for Mrs Lim, who is retiring. Gonna miss her loads.

My heart never fails to ache and my tears never fail to fall whenever I think about such things. I hate to depart from people I know. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. But somehow I HAVE to accept it. I will grow up. I will be strong. I will not cry. And I will learn to let go. I will learn to live on and become a better person. Eeks. Another emo-post. O

hya I will keep my promise and dedicate a long long long post to 4J this weekend perhaps (:

I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J.
I love 4J. forever and ever, as long as I live on.
I hope 4J loves me too =D
And I will remember 4J forever as long as I am alive.
Gonna miss 4J to bits lah ><

Wednesday, October 18

MSN Horoscopes

Clarissa told me before that the daily horoscope reading at is really accurate. I have been checking the daily horoscope at which are not exactly accurate. And just recently I went to check out and omg. It's creepily accurate. At least for today.

Sun Sign
Something may happen during the day, dear Gemini, which unconsciously reminds you of something unpleasant that happened to you in the past. You might not even remember today's event, but memories of the long-ago occurrence could plague you throughout the day and put you into a very black mood. Try to analyze why this memory is affecting you so heavily, then when you know, let it go. You might feel as if a ten-ton weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Some thing did happen during the day. Jue Hui showed me this Chinese essay titled 'Ta yu ta de ju li' (The distance between him and her). And oh my it did bring back lotsa painful memories. It was not an appealing essay to her. But it was to me. I suppose it's the experience that makes the difference. Dammit. I am feeling 'weird' now. I really should consider going for yoga every day! Waha. Then my thinking wont go astray.

And you know what, these days, whenever I take a nap or something, it would be really hard to wake me up. It's either I am too tired or because something in my dreams is making me not wanting to wake up. I really thought I would have died in my sleep leh. TOUCH WOOD.

Hmm learning yoga will help me learn how to let go. These days, thanks to shumin. I kept thinking about how 4J's gonna split up into different subject combinations and just thinking about it makes me feel as if a knife has been stabbed into my heart. I wont feel this way if i dont think about it. 4J... If I am given another 100000000000.... choices, I will still choose to be in 4J. My one and only beloved 4J. It's in 4J that I bonded with my twin. It's in 4J that I found my haojiemeis. It's in 4J that I met my Madam Cecilia. It's in 4J that I made many friends. I have so much to say but I don't know how to express them here.

I will definitely dedicate a post to 4J asap. I need to sort out my thoughts, my confused mind and heart. I will learn to let go. Most importantly I will be strong and not cry. Departing from each other's just part and parcel of life. I have to accept it I know. But I can't help hating it can. And I think it's kinda dumb if I cry cos 4J's gonna split. Obviously ma. We will still be seeing each other around... But when any of my peers is going to further his/her studies overseas I will definitely cry. I am emotional. What to do?

The man I love is as distant and elusive as the stars in the sky.

Tuesday, October 17

Hazy Mood

Tired. Woke up with two sore eyes today. Had some weird dreams last night too. Been feeling kinda anti-social lately, no idea why. There is this thing that is stopping me from being enthusiastic and cheerful. dammit.

There's yoga later. I am excited... yep yep. But I feel like sleeping right now. I have just backed up the files inside my laptop last night, so now I can finally send the laptop for repair service. It's been infected with viruses for way too long.

All the haze's making me feel hazy. There's UN Mock Conference presentation on Friday. My group was lucky enough to be chosen and would be representing North Korea. I cannot say that I am exactly excited and enthu about it. But I definitely hope that it can be over asap. Not to mention the teeny weeny bit of fear inside of me. Like how I felt while waiting for my POH presentation at YMCA. I always get all tensed during Q&A too.

There's this subject combi talk tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it. Cos right now I am pretty lost about my direction in the future, what subjects I should take and how it is gonna affect my grades and career. The subjects that I am taking for A'levels will not make affect me if I chose to take 'Social Work/ Sociology' in university... Yea I don't know. What a bother. Oh ya I might degrade 'Physics' from H2 to H1 cos I am afraid I can't cope.

Oh well the future is so far away. Let's talk about HCL O's first shall we? Ah ha. My Chinese is getting really lousy and it's not exactly improving much even with my mother's nagging. I think I am really disappointing my HCL teachers and that includes my P6 teacher, Mdm Nah. She retired already and I miss her loads. She was such a inspiring and caring teacher. I like Chinese... so at least with this interest, I hope that I can use it as a source of motivation to do well for my HCL O's.

Don't really feel like studying these days. I mean exams are over so why not just play? before all the JC workload comes? I want to watch all the upcoming movies.. I want to go kbox and sing my heart out. I want to pool and rollerblade. I want to do anything that can stop me from thinking too much. I think too much whenever I am alone so it is best when I am with my friends or when I am doing yoga (: I am not exactly using my brains to think about appropriate stuff these days. I think about emo stuff, which explain my emo posts.

And even when I am sleeping I dream about weird stuff and scare myself or cry in my dreams. =,- how funny. I am too stressed I guess. And eating chocolate's not of much help except that it makes me fat.

I shall go watch some MVs on and maybe catch a nap before heading for my yoga class.

-emo quote deleted-

Sunday, October 15

First time kbox-ing

Shu min's tag reminded me that I forgot to blog about kbox. Yea went kbox jus now with yq, wj, clar and twin. First time there. Not bad. Got feedback from shumin and clar that my voice sounds really kiddo-like. which is not exactly good news. haha I guess I can only sing 'Lao shu ai da mi'.

Anyway we had fun but I made a fool of myself. waha. nvm la. I am not born to be a singer. Yep fun. But today, no idea why I wasnt feeling very high. There is something that's making me troubled from inside but the problem is I dont know what it is. dammit right.

i better go off and do my chinese essay. I am starting to hate staying up late though I always do so unknowingly. Last night I was so tired that i fell asleep while listening to Fish Leong's new album on my bed. Then my grandma had to remove my specs, cd player and cd casing from my bed for me. But unfortunately she left my handphone behind. So i actually slept beside a strong source of radiation for the whole night. dammit. may buddha bless me.

that's all for now.

Quoted from Miss Tan, ' Be thankful that we have the hands to give and hug, the eyes to see the goodness in everyone...'

The hardest things in this world

The hardest thing in this world is to smile when all you ever feel like doing is cry.

The hardest thing in this world is to love like you've never been hurt before.

The hardest thing in this world is to live like you are troublefree.

The hardest thing in this world is to feign ignorance, knowing very well that you still care.

The hardest thing in this world is to love someone knowing that you cannot do that.

And the hardest thing currently for me, is to know that I have to do e&i yet not know which part has to be amended.


whee yoga rocks. i love yoga. erika's such a nice teacher.

some things jus seem to never fail to take a toll on my ego and self-esteem. some things.

and you know what, my current idol is Eunice Olsen. whee (:

gonna keep myself real busy from this moment onwards, in case my mind strays off to some nonsensical and emotional thoughts.

if only I could have some permanent memory loss, it would prove to be good for both you and me. And it's only at that time then can I lead a carefree and happy life... if only...

Saturday, October 14

POH Presentation

wheee. the presentation was scary but it was over pretty fast. Miss Eunice Olsen was one of the judges!! She's really pretty and charismatic and she wanted to get me a question but didnt get to as there was not enough time. Aw.

My voice was trembling the whole time during the presentation and I am glad that I am able to deliver my part over to the judges. I was feeling scared la. And while waiting at the waiting room, I was so nervous can.

I think all of us did a great job. Applause for POH (: whee.

There's gala at night and the GOH is our PM Lee. Will be welcoming him with a few other sec4dhp SCs. Today's really my lucky day. Will be meeting so many celebrities in one day. Some other ministers will be present too. Whee. I am so looking forward to this 50th anniversary celebration of my beloved sec sch.

One thing I am not looking forward to is wearing my long sleeve shirt and court shoes. Yea and guess what. I am going shopping in them. Furthermore I have Sun Lu's laptop with me leh. Jus now he rushed off after the presentation for his band rehearsal. and poor me have to lug the laptop to Suntec and pass to him later. hee.

I am feeling a little tired but filled with excitement for tonight's event. Ohya. I will be getting Fish Leong's album later. Wenxiang was brainwashing me and Boon Kian yesterday to get her album. And he kept singing her songs... and I really think that her songs are very niceee. Yepp I watched 'Qin Qin' and 'Nuan Nuan' MVs on I like 'Nuan Nuan' leh. There's another nice one called 'Ke Le Jie Zhi' but I cant find the MV.

I havent had much time to think too much lately. But I wrote a poem in chinese last night. Sudden and totally random inspiration. I will jus pen down whatever thoughts I have these days. Thinking too much makes me sad. I dont want to be sad cos I want to be happy. I dont want to just be sad over someone and waste my entire lifetime away. It's not worth it. Definitely. There are other people who care and whom I can care about.

Everything is cos of fate. Fate brought me lotsa sad memories but it is undeniable that fate has allowed me to see more things and know more people. Like my current best sistas - juehui, yunyin, yiling and of cos my cute-until-cannot-cute twin. My current classmates. My current teachers. My commitment for the past few months- POH. yep I am 16. I still have a long way to go. I am kinda lost in my future journey. I dont know if I should further my studies overseas. I may be lost but that's for the time being. I will find my way and strive for my goals. I can and I will.

I am so looking forward to the next yoga lesson. 1 and 1/2 hour of genuine relaxation. Love it. But I incurred muscle aches after the first session. Eh pain and aches are good. Shows that you're alive. yea I am loving it.

You know what, whenever I think of WTC, I think of all my friends and family. and in order to ensure that I will not regret it I will say it now:


life is short. say it when you still have the chance. most importantly, say it with your heart =D

Friday, October 13

Warning: EMO POST

Dammit. I dont know who is going to read this post of mine but beware, it's gonna be an emo post. yea EMO. Yep so please siam if you cant tolerate emo-post, cos I dont think I can tolerate your nonsense too.

I am currently breaking into rashes. Really itchy rashes. wdh. I dont know why. It has been itching since last night. Rashes started appearing on my neck and back. Dammit. It's gonna be so dammit ugly. grr.

I watched World Trade Centre jus now with my friend. It was a touching show. VERY touching. I cried and I felt embarrassed. I don't understand why I can be touched by some films. I was tearing but not as badly as the way I did when I watched 'I Not Stupid Too'. Lesser amount of tears but I actually tasted a few drops of my own tears. It was salty. oh man I am thankful that my friend didnt question me about me crying cos it's so dammit embarrassing. But this shows that the film is a successful one. Yea way to go that Oliver guy director. I forgot his name.

Alright now the emo part. Can some kind souls out there tell me what to do? Cos I really don't know what to do. The numbness and emptiness... can be summed up by just one word - Dammit. This sudden rush of emotions came at the wrong time. I am supposed to be feeling sad yet I am feeling all angry and itchy thks to the irritating rashes and my bad temper. I am angry at myself.

I feel hurt when others feel hurt. I feel twice the hurt when others hurt me. It's like stabbing a dagger into your heart and pulling it out. It's like cutting your flesh halfway and then tearing it off. The pain.

I have always preferred external injuries to internal injuries. When I bleed I know that I am injured, though I usually only discover my wounds after a while. Oh ya talking about that, WTC is kinda bloody. Yea I was pretty disgusted by the scenes and grabbed my jacket's sleeve throughout the film. Ok that's random. Yea when it's internal injuries, I can't see. I can only feel the pain. But who knows if the pain is imaginary, who knows. A quote from WTC, when you feel pain, it shows that you are alive.

Yea I am alive and I am so thankful for it. WTC's thought-provoking. It tells us to cherish and appreciate everyone around us. Dont wait till the last minute. Who knows, it might be too late to say the three words.

The three words that mean so much to someone who loves you.
The three words that someone might has been waiting for you to say.
The three words that might give someone the will to live on.
The three words.
I love you.

I cried during the movie. Cos I was thinking, what if one day such things (touch wood) happen to me, I would die with regrets. lotsa countless regrets, like:

1) I have not gone on an overseas expedition for volunteering in third world countries.
2) I have not mastered yoga.
3) I have not been to kbox with shumin.
4) I have not finished reading all my romance novels.
5) I have not finished analyzing the 12 horoscopes.
6) I have not been in love before.
7) I have not gotten my laptop to be repaired.
8) I have not gotten excellent academic results for my parents to be proud of.
9) I have not started to earn money so that I can give my parents monthly allowance.
10) I have not told my friends and family how much I love them.
11) I have not shown my friends and him the poems I wrote for them.
12) I have not been to Gold Coast, Italy, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Vivocity etc.
13) I have not tried Chou Dou Fu.
14) I have not been to any of Jay Chou's concerts at all.
15) I have not pooled enough yet.
16) I have not been to many places in Singapore yet.
17) I have not learnt driving yet.
18) I have not lost weight yet.
19) I have not finished watching Jin San Shun with my Nanjing godsis.
20) I have not done enough good deeds.

The lists go on and on. ENDLESS. To sum up: I dont deserve to die.

Sometimes, some words are jus so damn hard to say. But who knows, if you dont say it now, when will you have the chance to say it? Tomorow may not come. Yesterday cannot return. We only have today. Only today.

Some words, I have been dying to say. But being too egotistical I always can't say it. I just cant. I cant. Yea though some words I cant say it. There's many doubts I would like to clarify, many question marks inside my head, waiting for someone to answer me or even say the words. I don't know. Complex world. Complex life. But nah I am not going to give up cos of this complexity. I am not a loser. NEVER~

Every day shall be a happy day. Every problem shall be a challenge. I know, easier said than done. At least I've said it, one less regret for me. whee.

Lost the license to care for somebody
The distance is increasing
1m, 2m, 100m, 1000m
There's no need to explain anyway
Some things are meant to be
Some things jus cant be forced
Some things just dont go the way I want
This is life
Life's predestined by destiny
Destiny is fate
Some things you just cant wait
Cos it'll be gone, gone, gone
Oh man I am lost in my own world
Someone save me.

(ha. i think this sounds like a song. nah jus a random poem by me that don't rhyme, crap.)

screwed. tell me what to do. tell me what to do. please please tell me what to do.

Wednesday, October 11


I just helped to book the class chalet with my mom's card. waha.


whee I am so excited. I am definitely going to stay overnight there. But I think I most probably cannot attend my yoga lesson on that particular tuesday. Nvm I can go on another day.

Yesterday's yoga lesson was woohoo! Rocks. Erika is a really friendly teacher. I attended the class with Yuhan and she appeared to have enjoyed herself as well. wheee I am going for the second lesson this sunday I guess. So I will be attending yoga lessons twice a week. yay! Now I am officially a yogi (:

There's so much happening these days. POH will be rehearsing for our presentation this friday. The presentation is on saturday morning. There's gala dinner on saturday night. May be going to kbox with twin on sunday.

Tell you something, I didnt have any conflict with twin today. yay finally. ha. we had a peaceful and fun time talking and laughing at each other today. duets rock!

had a hard time keeping awake in class today especially during Maths lesson. Too much for my poor brain cells. LA was pretty torturous. The tutorial on 'Animal Rights' almost drove my already-exhausted brain crazy. I am usually pretty enthu about such stuff. BUT I was seriously very tired. I am only human yea?

CSP lessons were cancelled and I stayed back awhile for a briefing by Ms Loh regarding gala dinner. I went home after that. I managed to finish reading the romance novel my buddy gave but that's part 1. I am gonna look for the part 2 story if not I will borrow the book from yy bah. But I think she has not read yet. so yep not very nice to borrow. I better go do my homework and finish up peiyu's very-belated-birthday gift (: cya

if you were a drop of tears, then i shall never ever cry. So that you will never leave my eye.

Monday, October 9

Ankle's Fine

Ha. I didnt go to the physician after all cos my ankle is perfectly fine. Eh PERFECTLY fine. Yea man. Nah I will just let it heal on its own. And I am going to start exercising tomorrow. I am going for yoga lessons as well. Yea I am not going to bother about my ankle anymore. It's just a swollen bruise. There's no need at all to wail about it like a baby. Yea yea. I have thought it through. Yea. It's no big deal. NO BIG DEAL.


WHEE. Pillar Of Hope has been shortlisted by YMCA. YAY YAY YAY =D We have to prepare a presentation for this saturday morning. Whoa saturday's gonna be a busy day. There's gala dinner at night and according to colin I am involved in ushering and some goh stuff which I have no idea what is it. I shall go ask somebody later.

Today's a really happy day! Ok not exactly cos I was rather sleepy. Lessons back to normal. Ah I was trying real hard to keep awake during Maths. Triple periods leh. Grr. But the funny thing is I didnt take a nap just now after I returned home. Cos I got too carried away reading my current romance novel, Do Re Mi Fa So, given to me by my Nanjing godsis. It's so touching can. There was this part which I nearly cried. NEARLY. But I didnt cos my brother was blasting the tv really loudly and ruined the atmosphere.

Hm Mr Chia showed us some of the photos he took... and there is this particular photo that sent us into fits of laughter. It's a photo of his fiancee. Haha really cute photo. And he looked kinda shy.

My ankle's pretty swollen and I know that I have been wailing about it for a pretty long time and I am finally gonna do something with it today. My mom's bringing me to some physician later. No, not that one I went to when I sprained my wrists. It was a way too horrifying experience and there's no way I am stepping into that place again. For your info, I came out of the clinic looking like a kickboxer because both my hands and wrists were bandaged. wahaha.

There's other reasons why I am finally getting my ankle treated. I have to do ushering on Sat and I am not sure if I have to wear court shoes or not BUT one thing for sure, I have to do alot of walking. The other thing is I want to learn yoga. And I think I shouldn't over-exert my ankle until it is all well. AND the MOST important reason of all, with this swollen ankle, my mom is gonna ban me from all sort of physical activities and that indirectly means I cannot exercise to lose weight. Ah that's real bad. I don't want to look like a godzilla in my jc uniform. No no no. That's gonna be a nightmare.

Yep yep. I realised that there is homework today. So I came online now and not later at night. I dont want to stay up later anymore. I dont want to look like a panda and worse still, fall asleep during lessons.

And I am determined to start volunteering again. Yea volunteer! I found some good cip lobang last night so yep (: I have been isolated from this passion of mine for way too long.

There's a year5 camp for us pioneer batch. I dunno what is it about. I doubt anyone knows but well sigh. There's also a compulsory SC in-house camp in Nov and my class CIP is on one of the days. Eh I dunno if I need to go for that... since I don't intend to stay in SC for year5 and 6. Actually I am still in a dilemma. But I feel like trying new stuff. I mean it's an honour and all to serve the school. But perhaps in other ways? I don't know. But I will definitely do my best in ushering during gala dinner. Who knows. It might be my last chance to serve as a student councillor. woohoo. Indecisive. Bad bad bad.

Today's assembly was a special one for DHP students. Hmm it's only human to err but what's more important is that you learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. It's also a virtue to forgive and forget =D

alright that's about it. I better go record down the programmes I have in my cute Monokuro Boo's notebook. And get started on my homework.

Variety is the spice of life... You spice up my life magically too whee~

Saturday, October 7

My signature colour

Pink Chiffon

There's nothing saccharine about you ? your sweetness is one hundred percent natural! A gentle, thoughtful romantic like you must be paired with a color that's soft and warm ? but still has a subtle sophisticated sheen. That's why Pink Chiffon is the perfect color for you! You're probably known for making the most of every situation and trying to see the best in people. But while you may be cheerful and innocent at times, you're nobody's fool. You may see the world through rose-colored glasses, but you can still see, after all.

While you make wise insights time after time, it's probably your good nature and perpetual optimism that are what you're known for and what make you a joy to be around. Even those who sometimes make fun of your Pollyanna-like proclamations will turn to you when they need a friend and some cheering up. So keep pink, Chiffon. With you around, the world's a better place!

hehe i suppose I am born to like pink. Or rather for pink to like me. wheeee ;)

What I am allergic to

... Being Alone ...

Sure, it might not be a medical diagnosis, but it seems like you're the type who might break into hives when forced to spend unwanted time alone. There's just something about togetherness that you crave. In fact, being with friends and family makes you feel most comfortable.Maybe it's your gregarious nature, maybe you just like to have company, or maybe you have so much to share that you need others around to absorb your knowledge and enthusiasm. Regardless of what you love about being one-on-one or in a group, one thing seems clear, you can feel a little sickly when you're on your own.

This is somewhat true. Which explains why I value my friends and family so much (:

Thursday, October 5

The Astrological Chocolate Guide to Love

Wrapped in a heart-shaped box with a big bow -- or piece by piece savoring every magnificent morsel? Here's the Astrological insight into the way each Sun Sign craves and consumes chocolate.

Aries eats all of the chocolates in one sitting.

Taurus tends to buy two boxes and leave only the orange ones for you.

Gemini makes their chocolate choice by sticking their finger in each piece.

Cancer draws it out to make even the smallest box last for a month.

Leo likes to own all the chocolates first.

Virgo cuts their chocolates up into small, manageable bites with a knife and fork.

Libra chooses two boxes of chocolates, white and dark; one for you, one for them.

Scorpio can't resist rubbing the chocolates all over their partner and licking it off.

Sagittarius only orders foreign chocolates.

Capricorn seeks perfection in picking truffles of the best variety.

Aquarius skips chocolates altogether -- they prefer a box of carob and raisin health bars.

Pisces tends to share them all and forget to leave one for themselves.

Touching Dialogues

Boy gives Girl a box of heart-shaped chocolate.

Girl: I will have one whenever I feel sad.

Boy: Then I hope you will never have to eat the chocolate. (Indirect meaning: I hope you will be happy forever.)


Boy and Girl in their wedding suit and gown.

Girl: I have poor health and may not be able to take care of you.

Boy: Well then let me take care of you.

Girl: I am afraid I may collapse halfway...

Boy: Then I will carry you and continue to walk this life journey with you.


SWEET! (: (: (:


Watched Rob-B-Hood. Ate sushi for lunch. Bought my favourite honey almond. I am not feeling very happy though.

Dammit. I was offered free preview tickets to 'You, Me and Dupree' but I rejected the offer. Free tickets from a very kind lady. First time in my life being offered movie preview tickets and I have to reject it. Dammit.

Double dammit. Every book and even the movie I watched made me think of him. Funny eh. Anyway just a random thought and I really hate myself for that.

Rob-B-Hood. Fantastic movie! Action-packed, touching, CUTE. The baby rocks! Big eyes and sweet smile. Everyone should watch it. If I have a chance I will definitely catch it again. That is if I am not broke. If you are feeling sad watch it. It can really crack you up. Whee. The movie just rocks! Louis Koo rocks rocks rocks! The baby boy rocks even more!

Went to Taka and stepped into this Mid Autumn Fest Fiesta or something. Surrounded by all sorts of mooncakes and lanterns. It was a mistake to even step into there. Mooncakes. Can be seen but untouchable. I can't eat them. Maybe just one tomorrow but not today. People. So many people and it was so crowded. I can't stand crowded places. They simply give me headaches.

There's quite alot of shop at Taka. The library there is really neat. Shall go there again another time. The Kinokuniya rocks too. Whoa the large variety of books on horoscopes. Horoscope-studying should be made an official subject in schools =D

I shall not think too much but lately my mood has taken a turn for the worse. I don't know if it is because of my sudden change in diet. But whatever. I just get really catty sometimes. And beware. Just be careful not to step on my tail when I sink into bad mood.

Tomorrow's Mid Autumn Festival. How should I celebrate it? No idea. As long as I restrain myself from consuming too many mooncakes. I really feel like trying the ice cream mooncakes from Haagen Daz. Coated with Belgian chocolate. Looks totally delicious. But nah. Not this year. Next year perhaps.

I thought I have gotten over you. But this belief has ceased to be true. Because of you...

Wednesday, October 4

Sad vs Happy

I was quite determined to post some emo and self-demoralizing entry. I feel like ranting. Today is the first day since I got back from Nanjing that I felt like this. So self-worthless. Dammit.

Whatever I said today seemed to oppose every other person's opinion. Haiya. I know that I shouldnt have made any judgement. Or rather I shouldnt have made public my judgement. Becos it is common sense that there will be people who oppose your judgement. Who am I to even judge I am not her and not him? I don't know her very well. I may not understand him as well as I thought. AND I don't know a single thing about love kaes. This reason is enough to take away my rights to judge.

Yea people may think that the guy is a loser who can't accept rejection but just how many people can accept rejection and get on with life la? Come'on laa. It's not that simple. Otherwise why would people describe love as a bottomless pit? And it's because of this monster named rejection, many people dare not confess. At least he has the courage to confess. It's not easy to progress from friends to lovers. Just a confession might just rip the friendship apart. So even if the rejection can be accepted, the fear and insecurity of maintaining the friendship is overwhelming enough to cause misery.

Get it clear. I am not making any judgement here. I am just stating my opinions. And I am not naming whoever I am talking about. If you think you know who I am talking about then that's that. But if you're wrong then too bad.

As for the girl, there's nothing wrong with rejecting the guy since she has no feelings for him. I believe it's only right not to continue misleading the guy. I wouldnt rule out 'avoidance' as the best solution. Really. It might be cruel but well at least the pain is short-term. You can go back to being friends once he is able to manage his emotions well. There might be a psychological barrier but just take the time to overcome it laa. And guess what I think that friendships are more everlasting and reliable in the long run. Love's pretty much ephemeral.

Also sometimes the actions and gestures of girls (I am speaking in general here) might mislead guys to think that the girls like them. Cos sometimes the gestures intended to be brotherly might just be mistaken. And usually the girls will do it unknowingly so it's not their faults. It's not the guys' faults too. Hello laa. We are talking about teenagers. Who's not curious about love. Who don't want true love?!

Like what the group of us, girls were talking about on the train, it's not hard to remain single and not have boyfriends in the next two years. This I totally agree. Reasons being I am not ready for commitment and I think it's safer to concentrate on studies since we don't have O'level certificate. Studies is more important. For I am a student. And looking at the small pool of guys in dhp, it is really not that hard. lol

Back onto L-O-V-E, the complex yet sweet thing. Well the complexity is enough to make someone's life miserable. BUT. Indulging in fantasy romance don't hurt. Neither does the indulging in astrology and horoscopes. I am currently itching to do some volunteer work. Ohya and sometimes what you think is a crush might just turn out to be merely an obsession. The guy/girl might be so obsessed that he/she let his/her whole world revolves around that particular guy/girl. That's so silly. But usually it's also done unknowingly. And the guy/girl may even find himself/herself silly when he/she looks back in the future.

See how complex it is. I am steering clear of this monster and keep this complexity out of my life. There's so much beauty in life to be admired and appreciated. And when you let your life revolves around another individual, you totally lose out on admiring and appreciating the people and things around you. The people who care and love you. The things which make your life beautiful. Dont' waste your life. Cos life is too short. And of cos the worst thing would be to entertain thoughts about shortening your already very short life.

My mom and I heard a loud 'bang' from outside our flat just now. It was an accident near the pedestrians crossing. Accidents. See how uncertain life is. So uncertain that it makes me fear. Fear of what might happen the next second.

And again the motorists and motorcyclists at the two pedestrians crossing across my flat are really inconsiderate. They treat it like they own the road and they will just zoom past it. Ok not all. But there are quite a few. One day last few weeks when I was crossing the pedestrian crossing, this motorcyclist with another passenger on the back of his motorbike just zoomed past me after I increased my pace a bit. It was just a few centimetres away from me as it zoomed past me. Whoa I was so relieved after I reached the pathway in front of my flat. Narrow escape. And I am sure more blessings will follow. I am not ready to die young. I havent show enough appreciation for all.

whee. Finally ranted out what I wanted to say. Now I felt lighter. No more heavy load stuck on me. Yes life should be like this. H-A-P-P-Y. There's no school tomorrow and on friday. Off-days. Tomorrow is truly an off-day. But friday, saturday and sunday are project-days. Have to complete two projects - CSP and UN Mock. I don't know what my programmes are for tomorrow. Not much plans yet. Might be going to the library if my friend remembers. After that I may just hm go walk around Singapore I guess. Ohya! Maybe go and admire those artworks at the link between Esplanade and Cityhall. I didnt get to admire the artworks when I went there for 'Forbidden City' musical. Yep... or maybe I can return to my primary school but the p6 students are having their PSLE Maths paper tomorrow. My brother's already asleep. Wish him all the best.

My left ankle swelled up again, after the sprain in Nanjing. It's only painful at times. Should be ok laa. Dont want to spend money and cause pain to myself by going to the physician. Just received Huang Lin's sms on a girls' outing at east coast tomorrow. Havent reply. Should I go? Not exactly feeling very social currently. Should consider first.

Today's enrichment course at Ngee Ann rocks! Logic gates are so fun and the lecturer, Mr Choo is so humorous. Ah really enjoyed myself. I prefer the logic gates to oscilloscope. And I am definitely looking forward to more of such courses in the future. Physics is fun. I think I will be taking physics next year.

I am still not sure about the subject combi I will be taking. Still deciding between Econs and Elit. I may take both but I am afraid that it might jeopardize my other subjects and that's the last thing that I want. Next year I should be focusing on studies and service learning I guess. I hope to be in the same class as JH, YL, YY and SM again. The probability of being in the same class as JH and YL is higher I guess.

Well well. I am going off to watch tv and maybe continue the cross-stitching. I realised how difficult and tedious backstitching is! Argh. Alot of patience needed. Alright that's all for today.

Monday, October 2


Annabel, you love to indulge in a Little Personal Time

For someone who's as on-the-go as you, the greatest indulgence of all is a hearty dose of rest and relaxation. Charming and fun, you love spending time with family and friends, but there's also a mellow and quiet side of you that relishes time alone with your thoughts.Whether you like to take long walks, catch an afternoon blockbuster, or check out a hip new art exhibit, you like exploring the world on your own terms and learning more about yourself in the process. Not one to harp on the past or obsess about the future, you have a confident and graceful way of savoring each experience as it comes. Stay cool!

Sunday, October 1

So much to blog about!

Today is 1 October. It's Singapore's Children's Day. It's China's National Day. It's Pei Yu's birthday and it's a brand new day which marks the start of a brand new month. Today is also the day when I will start working towards some of my newly-set goals.

Before I start blogging about whatever I want to blog about, I would like to say,

Happy Birthday Pei Yu!!!

I am still halfway done making her present. I started on thursday and I am afraid I can't finish making it in time Oh no. I will try my best though (:

Alright some of my newly-set goals... One of which is to start reading newspapers daily from today onwards. At least try to. I have lost touch with both local and world news during my two-week immersion in Nanjing. And I've been really lazy since I got back to flip the newspapers and dirty my hands with the ink. One thing that has been hindering me from reading the newspapers diligently is the ink. I just can't stand seeing my hands stained with the ink. But now I realised that the contents in the newspapers are worth the dirtying of my palms. Cheers my thinking has matured (:

Another goal is that i will start to attain healthy eating habits from today onwards. And to refrain myself from consuming too much calories. These can be sum up with a four-letter word starting with 'D' but I decided not to use that word. I have been using that word since dunno-how-many-year-ago and I havent manage to shed any kilos. So no point using it. It might just jinx my plan.

I havent really thought about the other goals but wait till I have then I will blog about them. Today's Sunday Times is really interesting and informative. Go read it if you havent.

Today is the first time I read majority of the news articles in the papers. Wheeeee~ There are two news articles about service learning. Hm.

I am currently at It is a website created for a cancer patient, Mohammad Abdooh and it features his last days as his cancer is in the final stage. A video will be posted every two weeks and the sad thing is no one knows how many episodes there will be.

Life's filled with uncertainties and this is a real life example. That is why we must love and appreciate life, love and appreciate the beauty of life. The video introduction is really thought-provoking.

Ah alright i shall continue blogging later. Gonna browse the website. cya.